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Give children, teens and young people in vulnerable social contexts the chance to be at the centre and aware of their own life, allowing them to discover their talents through educational, cultural, artistic and sports experiences. With no interest in replacing schools, we try to help our students to understand their vocations, discover and nourish their talents and find the right opportunities to make them shine.

Covid-19 actions

The scientific initiation course aims to work in a dynamic and interdisciplinary way on scientific concepts, through experiments. The aim is to encourage students to become protagonists, actively participating in the lessons that depend on their construction; learn
to problematize….

The courses for adolescents promoted by the João Paulo II Educational Center began on April 26, 2021. Their duration is 04 months and the audience is made up of boys and girls aged 12 to 18.

The main objective of the courses is to promote the personal and professional growth of our students, giving rise to the desire to increase their knowledge and to grow both personally and professionally, finding themselves more capable of recognizing new life opportunities. At the end of the courses the students will receive a certificate. In order to be able to carry out the courses, the protocols imposed by the authorities due to the health emergency situation generated by Covid19 are strictly respected.

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The new beginning of sports activities after the long suspension of the initial period of the pandemic occurred in September 2020.

The new beginning was made possible by following a series of rigorous health protocols, which have as their purpose the safety of the students and professors of the institution. The protocols include the constant use of the mask, social distance of at least 2 meters between the pupils, the use of a sanitizing mat at the entrance of the structure for the disinfection of shoes, temperature measurement and periodic hand hygiene. In addition to this, the materials used as well as the space of the gym are regularly sanitized with a special product, called ammonium quaternary, indicated by ANVISA for cleaning and sanitizing as a prevention of the spread of Coronavirus.

The internal championship was held from the 7th to the 9th of July for all students duly enrolled in Nova Geração sports, practicing basketball, soccer and handball. 

The event, in respect of the sanitary protocols, was not attended by the public, but even so, there was no lack of emotion! In addition to the games themselves, individual skill…

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Chess at the João Paulo II

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It is known that chessboard games have as their essence the spirit of competitiveness and deep respect for the opponents.

The proposal to use chess as a pedagogical tool at the João Paulo II Educational Center was born from the intention of the mathematics teacher, Adriana, to work on the logical capacity of the pupils, during the intermediate mathematics course. The game of chess stimulates an interesting learning path, as it is a game that requires concentration, the elaboration of decisions and strategies, which makes it essential to use logical reasoning to perform moves that can determine the outcome of the game. In addition, it needs to learn to manage the emotional side.

Covid-19 actions - student testimony

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The João Paulo II EDUCATIONAL CENTRE is a place dedicated to education in the outskirts of Salvador, Bahia. Every day it welcomes around 500 children, teenagers and young adult aged between 6 and 17.

At the Centre kids can embrace a vision based on the importance of individuals, curiosity, interest and guidance in their life path.

Kids are at the centre of every experience. This allows them to unlock their qualities and talents, putting them at the disposal of the surrounding environment. This is possible through school activity support in the main subjects. Furthermore, kids can experience unforgettable moments such as educational tours, activities in the school garden, creation of innovative IT projects, revival of local traditions and culture.

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In 2013, the João Paulo II Educational Centre launched a new sports initiative for children and teenagers: it founded the Sports Association Nova Geração Esporte Clube. Currently kids can choose between different disciplines, like male and female five-a-side football, male and female handball, male and female basketball, karate and capoeira.

In only a few years, our students won many trophies, cups and awards that show how engaged and passionate they are about sports.

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The Folia de Reis is the most-awaited event of the year by the students of the Centre and the entire community. Folia de Reis is a joyful parade that represents the traditional procession of the Three Kings, following the comet and going from door to door to find the newborn Jesus.

Clowns, singers and musicians sing, dance and play music all along the streets of the old town of Salvador (Pelourinho) and where the Centre is located.


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Since 2016, Associação Humano Progresso Brasil has been promoting an important sports event for children and teenagers in the city of Salvador, the Festival Esportivo do Subúrbio Ferroviário.

This Festival was first launched to promote access to sports activities for children and teenagers living in the outskirts of the City and to create an open and shared space where all sports associations could meet. Thanks to competitions, games, sports performances, award ceremonies and meeting with athletes we are creating great friendship networks inside the city and in the name of sport.

Let’s build bridges, not walls!


A heartfelt THANK YOU to our many friends, supporters and donors who asked us to remain anonymous but without whom many activities would not be possible!



Since 2018, Foundation MEI Italy has offered the students of the João Paulo II Educational Centre a great opportunity to take care of their vision and eyes.

The project implies an eye examination and the provision of prescription lenses and eyeglasses frames for any student who might need it.


The AVSI Foundation, after having contributed to the construction of the Educational Center with the collaboration of other associations and foundations, continues its contribution through the long-distance support of about 150 students.


Foundaton Mission Bambini, based in Milan, is an international non-governmental organisation that operates worldwide to help children in need.

Mission Bambini supports the Educational Centre through the help of a nutritionist and by covering part of the costs for the production and monitoring of food.


The social network management project was launched in 2018 with the aim of helping kids at the João Paulo II Educational Centre understand and use social media seriously and professionally as a tool of communication, without exposing them to potentially dangerous situations. The training has been provided in cooperation with “Share Social Media”, a young communication company from Salvador, that works professionally with social networks.

In 2019, after completing the training course, students continued managing the social media of the Educational Centre, under the supervision of the computer science professor. Currently the group consists of 18 student who are in charge of the materials they are provided with by the Institution (cameras, smartphones, motion cameras), as well as of the production of contents on the social media of the Institution.


The Separate collection and Recycling Project at the João Paulo II Educational Centre aims at helping children and teenagers to better understand they are human beings who can positively contribute to protect the community and the environment: transformations of the latter are felt as a priority and, thus, students learn positive behaviours that on the one hand can enhance their community and, on the other, improve the world we live in. This project not only raises awareness among students, but it can also make them responsible citizens who can spread good practices and a new vision of the world.



Upon request of a group of women living in the neighbourhood, every morning, from 7:00 to 7:50 (Centre opening hour for students), the João Paulo II Educational Centre provides health services at the Academia Comunitária gym.

The group is led by Girlene and meets daily to do some physical activity; it is mainly composed of women, many of whom are mothers of the students of the Centre.


In 2019, a group of friends from Maranello launched the project “Divise O’Brasil” to raise money to support the educational sports project “Nova Geração” at the João Paulo II Educational Centre.

The money collected was used to purchase 6 uniforms for the football, handball and basketball teams. Moreover, the screen printing company Sermax in Bomporto (MO) offered to print the logo of the project on the t-shirts, free of charge.


Do you want to help the João Paulo II Educational Centre? It’s simple! If you want, you can help us by donating goods, sports equipment, books, notebooks, pencils and food, which we use daily and that allow us to help our children to grow.

Write immediately to



Computers, notebooks, mouse devices, amplifiers, projectors, digital cameras, extension cords, microphones,ecc


Notebooks, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, permanent markers, child scissors, hot glue gun, whiteboard markers, sheets of paper, coloured Bristol board, A4-size photocopy papers


Child and adolescent literature books, comics, dictionaries, english books.


Table football, tamancabol, building blocks, puzzles, board games, checkers, chess, Uno, domino, playing cards, ecc.


Controlled bounce soccer balls, regular handballs, regular basketball, cones, whistles, shin guards, wetsuits, sports bibs, jumping ropes, weights, soccer goal nets, basketball nets


Bleach, dish detergent, laundry detergent, environment disinfectant, toilet paper, soap, alcohol, washbasin, vacuum cleaner, etc.


Rice, beans, sugar, canned food, seed oil, wheat flour, millet flour


OPERATIONAL HEADQUARTER: Rua 1° de novembro, s/n, São João do Cabrito CEP: 40490-192, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil   

REGISTERED OFFICE: Rua Frederico Simões, 98, Ed. Advanced Trade, 13º andar, Caminho das Árvores  CEP: 41820-774, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil 

Secretariat +55 71-30428802
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