Open courses at the João Paulo II Educational Center

The courses for adolescents promoted by the João Paulo II Educational Center began on April 26, 2021. Their duration is 04 months and the audience is made up of boys and girls aged 12 to 18.

The main objective of the courses is to promote the personal and professional growth of our students, giving rise to the desire to increase their knowledge and to grow both personally and professionally, finding themselves more capable of recognizing new life opportunities. At the end of the courses the students will receive a certificate. In order to be able to carry out the courses, the protocols imposed by the authorities due to the health emergency situation generated by Covid19 are strictly respected.

Portuguese course for beginners and intermediate level Portuguese course

The courses aim to improve reading and writing, at different levels depending on the course, with the purpose of training critical citizens, capable of expressing themselves fluently through the writing, reading and interpretation of texts in Portuguese, through the approach with different textual modalities of wide social diffusion.

Lesson on textual genre: Bibliography. Portuguese course for beginners.

Practicing reading and writing. Portuguese course for beginners.

Lesson on punctuation and the correct use of the question why. Intermediate level Portuguese course.

Basic math course. Intermediate level mathematics course.
The mathematics courses have as their basis the verification of the learning of the four fundamental operations (addition, division, subtraction and multiplication), having as their objective the recovery and deepening of mathematical concepts such as algebra, equations, geometry, being able in this way to deepen the mathematical knowledge and facilitate the execution of multiple actions of daily life.

Lesson on subtraction. Basic math course.

Activities and correction. Basic math course.

Lesson on first degree equations. Intermediate level mathematics course.




Intermediate level mathematics course. 

Intermediate level mathematics course.



 The Environmental Education course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part both linked to very current issues, such as sustainability, conscious consumption, waste cycle, pollution, recycling and the creation of a vegetable garden in the urban space.

Practical lesson in the garden

Grafting of new plants in the areas of the João Paulo II Educational Center

Theoretical lesson of environmental education

Production of notebooks with recycled sheets of paper

English course for beginners and intermediate level English course.


 The English course for beginners develops skills such as oral and written comprehension of the English language, having as a starting point the acquisition of a good base of vocabulary. The intermediate level course has as its objective the continuity of the initial course, improving the understanding and pronunciation of the language, through the practice of reading, writing and listening to the English language.

Game to practice the pronunciation of verbs in the past tense. Intermediate level English course.

English course.

English activities. 

Computer science course and graphic designer course


The computer science course aims to introduce students to the technological world through the knowledge of basic programs and the functioning of social networks.
The graphic designer course aims to develop skills in order to create visual projects, such as the study and development of the design of products, packaging, sites and animations for the Internet and for TV.

Introduction to computer science.

Computer science course

Drawing lesson of the graphic designer course. 

Graphic designer course

Financial education and entrepreneurship course

 The course aims to show financial planning strategies, both for personal and family life, and for any economic activity. The course also allows to highlight the characteristics of the entrepreneur, as well as offering the notions of the market, buying and selling and the rules of trade.

Lesson on taxes and duties. Financial education course.

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