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The Educational Centre João Paulo II offers full-cycle education for every student. It supports school activities and provides help in the main subjects, like Portuguese, mathematics, history, geography and science.

But children and teens can experience much more than a conventional academic journey during extracurricular hours: they can attend IT, English, reading and choir classes while making new friends and building their trust in adults. Together they brighten up and preserve the cultural traditions of the region, they take walks, cultural trips, watch movies, launch eco-friendly initiatives and grow the vegetables that they then cook and serve during meals in the Centre.

Since 2017, the Centre has been offering social media and digital entrepreneurship courses to middle and high school students.

The Joao Paulo II Educational Centre offers the students the opportunity to look at life from another perspective, different from what economic difficulties and local violence might suggest. It helps them to grow as individuals, to face reality with reasonable hope and to use all their knowledge and skills to develop and contribute to a better society.

The internal organization of the Educational Centre is almost identical to that of a school, even though it has its own unique feature of the after-school activities in which the students can do their school work and revise what they learnt during formal classes.

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All the students of the Educational Centre receive a meal a day (lunch). Every day, for three hours, students from Year 1 to Year 5 (elementary school) attend lessons given by teachers who graduated in Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Pedagogy.

In addition to the subjects mentioned, middle and high school students learn English, IT, Portuguese, General Science, Mathematics and Ethics.

The curriculum is based on two guidelines: the syllabus set up for every subject and the multidisciplinary year’s theme, jointly developed by the teachers and at the heart of all activities.

Every week the teachers present the lesson plans, in compliance with the Brazilian education guidelines, the so-called BNCC (Base Nacional Comum Curricular). The annual thematic projects are always related to literature and include a final composition         .

The objective of a multidisciplinary project is to maintain a common guideline for both shifts year-round, by including extra-curricular activities such as cultural and guided tours, thematic conferences and meetings, and by promoting reading and writing practice, to improve kids’ confidence in understanding written texts as a means of communication and to strengthen individual and collective expressive skills.


OPERATIONAL HEADQUARTER: Rua 1° de novembro, s/n, São João do Cabrito CEP: 40490-192, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil   

REGISTERED OFFICE: Rua Frederico Simões, 98, Ed. Advanced Trade, 13º andar, Caminho das Árvores  CEP: 41820-774, Salvador, Bahia, Brasil 

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