The internal championship was held from the 7th to the 9th of July

The internal championship was held from the 7th to the 9th of July for all students duly enrolled in Nova Geração sports, practicing basketball, soccer and handball.
The event, in respect of the sanitary protocols, was not attended by the public, but even so, there was no lack of emotion! In addition to the games themselves, individual skill competitions were organized, for example, in soccer a challenging circuit for students to conduct the ball and make passes; in handball, a new game adapted with the fundamentals of the sport and, least but not last, in basketball there were dunk competitions, three-point shots and 3×3 basketball. 3×3 basketball is a new experience for the institution as 3×3 was recently promoted to an Olympic sport.
During the three days dedicated to competitions, the evolution of the students was explicit, as well as the joy of being back in the game: running, kicking, scoring, attacking, defending, throwing, passing, dribbling! All these verbs are part of sport and at the João Paulo II Educational Center they have an immeasurable value, the value of endurance, resilience, not giving up, believing that better days are to come and where, in the Nova Geração family, these verbs find their apogee with one more verb, the one that gives meaning to all the others, simply PLAYING!

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