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Folia de Reis

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At the João Paulo II Educational Centre, children are taught that education, and history, allow them to better understand their roots and let others know about them. Easter, June festivals (St. John, St Peter and St. Antony feasts) and other traditional Brazilian events have always been joyfully celebrations. But one of the most awaited moments of the year is the Folia de Reis, an old tradition brought to the Brazilian land by the Portuguese people, which represents the procession of the Three Kings to the newborn Jesus. The procession brings the good news of the birth of Jesus and it is accompanied by songs and dances that have been passed on as a tradition up to the present day. The procession carries the Flag of the Divine, blessing people to its passage, going from house to house, where it stops to worship the baby Jesus in the nativity scene; in exchange it receives an offer made of drinks and food that represents people gratefulness for the passage of the procession.

The Folia de Reis of the Educational Centre was born in 2001 and continues today with about 250 children and adolescents participating in the event, playing the foliões, the percussion group, the angels, the sailors, Mary and Joseph, the comet star and the Three Kings.

Since 2016, in addition to walking along the local neighbourhood, the João Paulo II´ Folia de Reis invades the streets of the Pelourinho, the historic heart of the city of Salvador, goes down the beautiful streets of the historic centre, and stops to worship baby Jesus in the wonderful churches, such as the Cathedral, the Church of St. Francis, the Church of Mary, Lady of the Rosary of the Blacks. This experience has been magic for the students, because the Pelourinho is always full of tourists and the passing of the coloured and joyful procession becomes the main attraction of the day. But the excitement grows when the Folia de Reis arrives to the neighbourhood of the Educational Centre. Following the tradition, the Three Kings go from door to door looking for baby Jesus, following the comet star and opening the procession together with cheerful clowns, shepherds, singers and musicians playing their songs, with dances and music that echo in streets and alleys. Many people go out onto the streets to follow the procession or they lean out of the windows, singing and dancing together; the Folia de Reis is always an exciting moment for everyone. The students bear the blessed flag and enter the houses and bless those who receive it, making this moment awaited by all people.

Sport Festival

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Since 2016, Associaçāo Humano Progresso Brasil has promoted the Festival Esportivo do Subúrbio Ferroviário.

The Festival Esportivo do Subúrbio was born from the desire to create a sport event for children and young people living in the Suburban region, where the Educational Centre is located and which suffers from several preconceptions that make it a marginal area.

The Festival takes place during three different weekends, each dedicated to a sport discipline (soccer, basketball and handball). The Festival Esportivo has been growing edition after edition. In 2019, more than 60 sports groups and about 4,000 people took part in the event. During the Festival there are many competitions, as well as moments of socialization, demonstration lessons, debates with former athletes, performances of different sports, such as skate, and moments of entertainment for younger children.

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