Graduation free courses 2020/2021 – Centro Educativo João Paulo II

On the 16th of April the graduation ceremony of the first edition of the Free Summer Courses took place at the João Paulo II Educational Center …and safely!

The 112 students who successfully completed the training course received the Certificate and a small gift. It is worth mentioning that due to the restrictive measures, the conclusion of the Course was postponed to the month of April, since in March the João Paulo II Educational Center had to close its doors again in compliance with the Municipal and State Decrees, because of the aggravation of the healthy emergency.

When, at last, we were able to reopen the doors, the teachers prepared the ceremony, which took place in the court, respecting social distancing, use of the mask and without any kind of agglomeration. Despite the restrictions, it was a happy moment, which recalled the achievements that occurred along the way.

Here are some of the results related by our students: 

….Starting from knowing nothing about English and arriving at being able to describe the journey of your dreams ALL IN ENGLISH is certainly a relevant result, as the English Course students said with satisfaction.

…Knowing how to describe the process of opening a business company and having already noted in the priorities the desire to open a MEI to develop a business of its own, is an interesting result, which can benefit the student, as well as his family, and that was one of the main reports of several students of the Financial Education Course.

…Having set up an urban garden with colleagues from the Course, having learned how to recognize plantings, how to constructively use recycling materials, how to wait for the growth time of different seeds and to have matured an awareness of the environment and its preservation, which is fundamental for the survival of all, these are the gains received by the students of the Environmental Education Course, willing to replicate at home what they learned in the Course.

Last but not least, the passionate about new technologies and information technology, took advantage of the computer course, learning new tools, new visual languages, getting to know the computer machine (hardware) as well as the programs that run on it (software). In addition, they become familiar with the management of social networks and the production of content, also becoming aware of the importance of privacy and the risks of exposure that networks can provide.

The beginning of April, in addition to graduation, was also marked by the enrollment in the new free courses that were launched by the Centro Educativo João Paulo II for teenagers from 12 years old.

It has a pandemic, but life goes on! While we are alive, Centro Educativo João Paulo II is alive!

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